The proposed Hawn's Bridge Recreation Area would be developed on land managed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. This entire area would be open to the public and provide a variety of recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. Specifically, it would be ADA accessible so anyone, regardless of mobility, would be able to enjoy a waterfront location for fishing, camping, eating, and going to the beach. Public access to Hawn’s Bridge Peninsula would be created by roads built by the Terrace Mountain Lodge development team through our property. The public would also be able to reach this area using walking trails, bike trails, and, possibly, an incline train (funicular).


Waterfront Activities: Paddleboards, kayaks, bikes and canoes would be offered to the public for rent. The area would also include access to fishing, swimming and a game recreation space. The proposed public restaurant will have a complete menu including healthy and vegan options.


Overnight Accommodations: Camping and “glamping” (glamorous camping) sites will be built under the canopy of trees and should not be visible from the water.


Environmental Learning Center: Environmental programming would include presentations by wildlife specialists, demonstrations, hiking trips, information on plants and fish, and related classes, hopefully in partnership with a college-based environmental program. These programs would appeal to the general public, lodge and camping guests, visitors, school groups and scouts. 


Activities and Events: Programs that might be hosted at the lake include campfire sing-a-longs, concerts, outdoor yoga, art programs, summer camps for kids, canoeing and kayaking, fishing or boat trips, picnics and other family-oriented programs.


Marina: The proposed plan includes a 150-boat slip marina, supply store, dry dock boat storage facility and a fuel dock. 50 of the docks proposed would be for day or hourly use for boats coming from any launch site or marina (these are boats already on the lake.) The other 100 slips would be for seasonal rental. The US Army Corps of Engineers 1988 Boat Study indicated that about 25% of boats at docks are out on the lake at any one time, so this marina would only add about 25 boats to the lake on any given day. The additional boat slips would increase the number of boat slips on Raystown Lake by about 9%. (Seven Points Marina has 663 docks, 283 dry docks; Lake Raystown Resort has 650 boat slips = 1,596 boat slips currently.) Keep in mind that many people want more boat parking at the ramps and a boat parking space usually means another boat on the lake since the parking areas are full on busy weekends. There would not be a boat launch at the Hawn's Bridge location. 


Youth Camp: The Terrace Mountain Lodge development team is committed to building a  youth camp that the private TML operation would help maintain. Local and visiting scouts, church groups and other organizations would be encouraged to visit the camp and use the waterfront activities. 



Current Development Status on Hawn's Bridge Peninsula 

From Aug 2017 to the present, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) will be updating the Raystown Lake Master Plan and will evaluate whether to rezone the Hawn's Bridge peninsula for recreational development, among other lake update considerations.  If the USACE does rezone the area for recreational development, they will issue a concession lease open to any company who wishes to submit a bid to develop the area. Of course, we hope that we will win the bid for the development of the recreation area. The master plan update includes a boat density study, numerous environmental assessments, public input, and other information. The plan may be available for public comment by fall of 2019, with finalization in early 202o. 


Some issues to consider on the master plan update. First of all, the Hawn's Bridge peninsula was zoned for development in the very first Raystown Lake Master Plan. It was taken out of the second plan in 1994 due to the infrastructure needed to build roads down to the peninsula area. The Terrace Mountain Lodge development team is willing to absorb the cost of the roads to the area and other infrastructure needed to make this a viable recreational project.  


We urge everyone to support this project! 

Please write to your elected officials and USACE to show your support! 

To provide feedback to the USACE click here


healthy & Vegan
waterfront restaurant
Rental of bikes, kayaks, paddleboards and canoes
Raystown Lake

Note that trees will be 

preserved as much as possible on the peninsula and camp sites will be under tree cover and only slightly  viewable from 

the water.  


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